Close more deals, faster.

Raven is a free collaboration tool that matches buyers and sellers in real-time through a network of agents.

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Amplify your Network

Raven helps you connect with other agents from any brand or brokerage who have matching buyers and sellers.

Client information is private

No matter what, your client's contact information is never displayed. Raven fully understands and supports the need for privacy.

You're in control

You have the option to approve or deny any potential matches before any information is shared with other agents. It's in your hands.

Built for agents, by agents

We require a license number and MLS ID in order to utilize the platform so you know you're always working with a verified agent.

Increase Your Transactions

  • Convert more buyers and sellers.
  • Increase engagement.
  • Find the right match.
  • Close More Deals, Faster.
Raven helps you close deals faster