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What Agents and Loan Officers are Saying

The more we all collaborate, the more value we provide for our clients and ourselves and Raven is a tool to do just that.

Shen Shultz

Raven is a godsend for open houses, it is the best hook to engage buyers.

Mike Bianchi

Managing my buyers and sellers on the go has never been easier. I can access everything through the Raven app from anywhere.

Cheyenne Alred

Raven is a perfect stand-alone tool. Buyers and sellers go in and potential matches come out. Very agent-friendly!

Deanna Rey

Captured a new buyer up to $3 million at my open house after showing her Raven!

Bridget Ryan

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Raven?

Raven is a network of verified real estate agents. We connect in-market buyers & sellers with other verified agents on the platform in real time. We are 100% focused on reducing the time between opportunity and closed deal.

Where is Raven currently available?

We are currently only available in California. We are focused on building marketplaces in local areas before expanding nationally. However, if you are from another region, then please reach out to or via live chat – we’d love to connect!

Can I change my plan later?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time. If you choose to upgrade, you’ll pay a prorated amount for the rest of the month.

What if I decide to cancel?

If you no longer wish to use Raven, you may cancel at any time. You will receive a prorated credit with Raven for the remainder of that month’s billing cycle.

What if I have more questions?

We pride ourselves in providing top notch support. Feel free to reach out to or via live chat. We usually respond within the hour during normal business hours.

Is my client's data kept private?

Absolutely. We designed Raven with privacy first. Listing agents decide when they’d like to share their listing information with buyer’s agents (unless it’s an active listing.) Your client’s information is NEVER shared.

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