Empowering agents,
not replacing them.

Who We Are

Some of us are former real estate agents, most of us are engineers, but all of us are agents at heart. Our mission is to empower and connect all agents from any brand or brokerage by leveraging the powerful information that only agents possess — in-market buyers & sellers of real estate.

Why We’re Here

Raven was created by a community of top-producing real estate agents who want to take back control of their own listing data, collaborate more efficiently with their colleagues, and close more deals, faster.

What We Do

We build products for real estate agents so they can connect and collaborate with each other on a potential sale. Agents also use Raven Pro for real-time agent-to-client collaboration.

Ultimately, our products create connections within the agent community resulting in enhanced information sharing and transparency.

Empowering trusted professionals

Professional agents who know the local real estate market will always have an advantage over valuation algorithms. Raven enables more efficient face-to-face meetings with agents and their clients. No algorithm can replace the human element of a real estate transaction.

Connecting Agents Under a Single Platform

We believe that an agent will always be required to successfully navigate the complexities and emotions of a real estate transaction. Our goal is to connect agents with matching buyers and sellers from any brand or brokerage around the world.

The current real estate model is evolving as agents and brokers are challenged with disintermediation. Raven is here to empower agents with technology, not replace them.

Close more deals, faster.

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