Grow Your Purchase Loan Business

Raven Pro Lender helps you build relationships with real estate agents while keeping clients connected to you throughout their home shopping journey.

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Our Mortgage Partners

"I've used a ton of marketing tools over the years, but Raven is the ONLY technology that has actually referred me to agents! I've closed a deal with a new agent already thanks to an intro from Raven, I'm now his go-to Lender!"

Michael Radcliffe

Vice President

Nova Home Loans

"Raven is a great way for us to connect with our agent community. It’s a valuable technology that we can leverage to build more relationships with more agents."

Tim Schnautz

Top 1% Producer Nationwide

Fairway Independent Mortgage

Develop Meaningful Agent Relationships

Raven Pro for Loan Officers strengthens your overall value proposition to help you grow your agent referral network and purchase loan business.

Bring value to your agents by providing them a platform to help them get more listings, keep buyers engaged and collaborate with agents in multiple marketplaces.

How it Works

  • private icon Invite your network of agents to join Raven and connect with you.
  • handshake icon Collaborate on clients with your agents.
  • agents icon Advertise your services within all of your agents’ client collaboration portals.

Grow Your Agent Network

Send your Raven Pro link to the agents you want to partner with. Agents can join you on Raven for free. You’re able to partner with as many agents as you want without having to upgrade or worry about extra usage fees.

Collaborate With Your Agent Partners

Send client leads to the agents of your choice – we’ll send a push notification to them automatically.

Receive client leads from your agents – and we’ll notify you instantly.

Promote Your Services

Raven Pro Lender is the integrated marketing system that connects you to the properties that homebuyers are viewing.

This system is automated so you can take comfort in knowing you are tending to your purchase referral sources and providing needed information digitally to homebuyers while you tend to your refi’s.

Schedule a demo with us to check for availability in your area.

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Extend Your Brand

Display your brand inside their Raven account in the mobile app and on web. Includes an exclusive advertisement of your services on each property of all of their client portals. Connect Raven Pro pre-qualification requests to your loan origination system.


Amplify Your Network

Expand your deal funnel for purchase and refi loans by being the lender of choice on all of your paired agent’s client portals.

Close More Pre-Qualification Leads

All pre-qualification requests within every client search portal are directed back to you directly. No other loan officers are advertised within the client portals of your paired agents.

Initiate More Loan Applications

Connect your “Apply Now” link to your loan application website so clients can get started with the loan application process automatically.

Certain features are subject to local rules and regulations. Contact us to check availability in your area.

We can grow your business.

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