Buyer & Seller matchmaking,
for Real Estate Agents

Securely share your needs, wants & plugs with other agents. Receive matches on listings for your buyers. See what the actual buyer demand is for your seller leads and convert more of them into listings.

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Realtor Buyer & Seller Matchmaking

We match your buyers’ criteria with active MLS listings and send you push notifications when new matches are found so you can focus on what matters most — your relationships with clients.

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Digitized “Plugs & Wants”

We digitize the process of sharing your needs/wants and plugs with other agents in your office and beyond in a completely safe, secure, and compliant way.


Leverage Buyer Demand

Lever buyer demand to accurately determine the price of listings based on direct agent & buyer feedback.

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Educate Your Sellers

Know when buyers and agents are interested or not interested in your listings in real-time. Get feedback from agents and educate your sellers on what the market is saying about their property.

Use Raven to continuously align your listings with the marketplace to get your listings sold for the best price in the shortest time possible.

Manage On The Go

Manage on the Go

It’s simple, fast, and easy… the buyers tab shows all the matches for your buyers and the sellers tab shows all the matches for your sellers. Matches are unlimited.


Collaborate With Other Agents

Collaborate with co-agents on your buyers and sellers in real-time. Add any agent within the network to a buyer or seller that you are working on.


Focus on Activities That Matter

Let Raven Pro simplify your process of sharing listings with your clients. Wow your clients with a seamless collaboration experience that reinforces your brand at every touch point.

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Pair With Your Loan Officer

Pair with your loan officer on Raven Pro. Save time and collaborate with your lender on clients in real-time. Share and receive leads with your lender.

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Seamless Client Interface

Your clients will have access to their customized portal to search on mobile or web to mark their interest in properties.



A Targeted Approach

Our matching algorithms learn about your client and recommend additional properties based on their likes and dislikes.

Allow your clients to create a hyper-targeted search — including multiple map regions, cities, zip codes, and more.



Unlimited Branded Portals

Extend your personal brand throughout the entire client experience on all devices without noisy ads or cross-promotional agent marketing.

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Stay in the Know

Be notified immediately when your clients are interested in one or multiple properties. Reach out to your clients with real-time information based on their portal activities.



Sharing Made Easy

Easily share new matches and properties with one-click. Share new listings with your clients or other agents — creating a single property page that is branded to you as the agent.

Do More With Less


Do More With Less

Save time and stay up-to-date with automated client listing notifications & alerts. Notify your clients automatically of new listings that match their search criteria, giving them the ability to review and decide which properties they like and don’t like.

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Built for every stage of your business.

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What Agents and Loan Officers are Saying

The more we all collaborate, the more value we provide for our clients and ourselves and Raven is a tool to do just that.

Shen Shultz

Raven is a godsend for open houses, it is the best hook to engage buyers.

Mike Bianchi

Managing my buyers and sellers on the go has never been easier. I can access everything through the Raven app from anywhere.

Cheyenne Alred

Raven is a perfect stand-alone tool. Buyers and sellers go in and potential matches come out. Very agent-friendly!

Deanna Rey

Captured a new buyer up to $3 million at my open house after showing her Raven!

Bridget Ryan

Close more deals, faster.

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