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Find the perfect home for your client whether it's an excluded or active MLS listing

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Find the perfect home for your client whether it’s an excluded or active MLS listing

Starting this week, you will be receiving matches for your buyer needs regardless of whether the listing is an excluded or active MLS listing.

Do you have too many matches now?

Let’s imagine you have a buyer looking for a 4 bed 5 bath up to $5m around Newport Coast. You enter the buyer as Newport Beach because that’s the closest thing you can find. You’ll get about 100 matches. It will probably look something like this:

Don’t panic! 🙂 We are adding filters for your matches, so you can identify and review them more efficiently.

In the meantime, we recommend refining your buyers’ criteria:

  1. Increasing the minimum price. For example, from $0 to $4m.
  2. Change the City to a custom map region, add specific zip codes and keywords

Now our buyer looks like this:

Having more specific buyer criteria is better for a few reasons:

  1. Off-market listing agents in the area are more likely to share excluded listings with agents who have specific buyer criteria, rather than general broad search criteria.
  2. We now have 10 high-quality matches as opposed to 94 low-quality matches. Helping you find the perfect home for your client.

What if I still have too many matches?

We are releasing a few additional features soon to help alleviate your matches feed being filled with active listings.

The first feature will mark all active listings as “read” once you view your buyers’ match list screen. Raven will automatically move these active matches to the “In Progress” section, so they aren’t counting towards the app’s home screen badge for matches that need review.

The second feature is the ability to filter your matches. We’ll be adding an off-market filter as well, so you can quickly identify them in your matches list.

Additional fields like property subtype, single-story only, and many other fields and features are coming as well, so stay tuned for additional updates!

Still have questions or feedback? Send an email to or book a 1-on-1 training with us!

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