New Feature | Co-Agents Collaboration

Collaborate with co-agents on your buyers and sellers in real-time.

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Release Notes

Collaborate with Co-Agents on your Buyers & Sellers in real-time.

Add other agents to your buyers and sellers using our new co-agent feature. Work together with co-agents on the same lead or listing within Raven.

Here’s how:


On mobile when viewing the seller/buyer details:


Next, you’ll search for an agent & add them. You can add multiple agents at the same time.


On web when viewing the seller/buyer details:


Similar to mobile, you’ll search for an agent & add them. You can add multiple agents at the same time.


Co-Agent Push Notifications

Co-Agents will receive a push notification as soon as they are added as a co-agent on another agent’s buyer or seller. Agents will also receive any relevant notifications in regards to the shared buyers and sellers using the co-agent feature.



How does this work with co-agents from the MLS?

Raven detects any co-agents from the MLS and maps them over. Please reach out to if you are a co-listing agent, but don’t see this listing in your account. You can add Raven co-agents in addition to MLS co-agents.

What permissions does a co-agent have?

Co-agents synced from the MLS can do anything. Raven co-agents can do anything except: remove MLS co-agents or Raven primary agents & delete leads/listings.

What happens if I try to add a co-agent, but they already have this listing in their account?

We do allow the collaboration of listings that might already be in someone’s account. The agent who you’ve added will receive a notification as well as see this new listing in their account. From there, they will be able to decide if they’d like to move over any information from their listing into yours.

Who is notified if there is a new match?

Both the listing agent and any co-agents will receive notifications.

What’s the maximum number of co-agents?

Five for now, but let us know if you need more.

Do you share co-agent information with a match?

Yes — just like with regular agents, co-agents are also displayed.

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