COVID-19 Update

We are offering FREE access for the next 6 months to the latest paid tools & collaboration features

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Industry Updates

For those transitioning to remote working environments and the new normal, Raven is here to help.

We are dedicated to helping agents adapt and focus by adding value to their client relationships due to the historic challenges caused by COVID-19 and CAR’s recent ruling to stop all open houses, showings, etc.

We are offering FREE access for the next 6 months to the latest paid tools and features that are now available in Raven. These tools will help increase engagement and collaboration with your buyers at no charge for 6 months to any agent that wants it.

Here’s how Raven can help you:

  • Keeping your buyers engaged with their own portal to view active MLS and excluded listings.
  • Making it easier for your buyers to communicate which listings they like and dislike back to you.
  • Updating you in real-time when your clients are interested in properties.
  • Making it easy for you to share new active MLS and excluded listings with your clients.
  • Branding you at every touchpoint to keep you top of mind with your clients.

Please attend one of our Zoom meetings below for more information about Raven’s full range of features:

We are also offering assistance with Zoom, for web-based digital meetings to help you sell real estate. If you need help setting up a free Zoom account, please contact us at

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