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John Gianniosis

John Gianniosis eXp Realty

John is a top-performing real estate professional who recently brought his team to eXp Realty.

We interviewed John and asked him a few questions about how he built his business to what it is today, and how he continues to stay competitive in an ever-changing industry.

What’s going on in your market?

It’s HOT, HOT, HOT for sellers and buyers currently in the Las Vegas market and it’s projected to be the same in 2021.

What are you doing currently to thrive in today’s environment?

We are doubling down all of our efforts… our primary focus is currently marketing and advertising digitally as everyone is online and our brand and reputation matters, as does the content we provide. We provide up-to-date information via a weekly newsletter regarding market trends, interest rates, and a niche hyper-local perspective of Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas. We are in the frontlines when it comes to social media, video marketing, advertising listings, and so much more.

What have you leaned on to navigate 2020?

Our mindset… we have all grown personally and professionally and continue to stay positive and optimistic.

What will be most important to have continued success in 2021?

We must stick together, and continue to be prepared so we don’t have to get prepared. We are committed to excellence and we will never give up on our people.

How are you using Raven and what impact is it making in your business?

I love Raven! It’s allowed me to think outside the box and provide value to our co-op agents who may have a perfect buyer for our listings before we go live and vice versa. We insert our buyers’ criteria so they have an opportunity to secure a great listing.

Raven allows agents to maintain strong relationships with each another, the more we can all collaborate together, the more successful everyone will be.

What do you think makes a great agent?

Commitment, consistency, courage, honesty, reliability, and forward-thinking! We believe if you are not in the “ARENA” of life getting your ass kicked daily, you are not the agent or team member for us.

What would be some advice that you’d give to a new agent starting out in real estate?

New agents are in the perfect position to crush it in this business! It changes daily and if you have the courage to enter this industry, you have the courage to excel in this industry!

What are some of the mistakes you’ve made and learned from as a top producing agent?

Well… I’ve made hundreds of mistakes and I’m proud of all of them as I wouldn’t be where I’m at without them. A few mistakes would be the following:

  1. Over-complicating the process
  2. Over-promising and under-delivering (as a new agent)
  3. Not using a Buyer Broker Agreement (as a new agent)
  4. Rushing to answer a client’s question without clearly listening (Ongoing)
  5. Taking overpriced listings without setting the expectations of what will happen with showings, low-ball offers, and marketing strategies.

Hard-won Advice

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