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Marisa Lopez Lawyers Title

Marisa is a top-producing title rep with Lawyer’s Title in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We interviewed Marisa and asked her a few questions about what makes a great title rep & how she stays ahead of the competition.

What’s the most relevant “thing” going on in your market right now?

We are experiencing a real estate boom in the Las Vegas area, and there are many people moving here from AZ and CA. We only have about 1-2 months in inventory.

What are you doing currently to thrive in today’s environment?

I am staying in close contact with clients and prospects via text, email, and phone calls. I’m trying to provide value to them by providing 1-2 classes on new tools and technology weekly to help them grow their business. Raven has been extremely valuable in setting me apart from other reps.

What have you leaned on to navigate 2020?

I have heavily leaned on Zoom, text, phone calls, and social media to continue to stay in touch with clients and to build rapport with prospects.

How are you using Raven and what impact is it making in your business?

I’m using Raven when I call new prospects. It provides an easy way to start a conversation with people I don’t have a relationship with. I’m able to briefly explain it and quickly go into a short intro about how it can help them convert prospects into new escrows.

I’m using Raven when I call new prospects. It provides an easy way to start a conversation with people I don’t have a relationship with.

What do you think makes a great title rep?

I think what makes a great title rep is the ability to put ourselves in the agents’ shoes and understand that they have many things to juggle. It’s important to not only tell the agents about the tools, but to also get them set up, demo them, and teach them how to navigate the different systems. I feel if we don’t get in the driver’s seat to do this, they don’t end up learning how to incorporate the tools, they can’t grow and we can’t earn their new business.

What would be some advice that you’d give to a new title rep just getting started?

I would say the most valuable thing we can do is to remember that we are there as a consultant/teacher/resource and it’s important to think of ways to make their life easier as it relates to marketing. We are there to be a part of their team and building that relationship and rapport will help secure a long-term partnership.

What are the common mistakes you try to avoid in order to get your business to the next level?

I try to avoid just simply telling an agent about a new tool or product. I try, instead, to show them the product, or I bring in awesome partners like Shane, Tom, or Carla to assist me.

Why is Raven a valuable tool for title reps, whether they are just starting out or a seasoned veteran?

Raven is an extremely valuable tool because it’s an innovative way that agents in our part of the country can network to convert their business. It makes it so easy for me to call a new prospect and say, “Hey, have you heard of this awesome new tool that is like a dating app that matches buyers and sellers across our 3 state area?”

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