The Number One Way to Build Your Real Estate Network

The most successful agents have a whole new perspective on the meaning of ‘community.’

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Best Practices

It’s time to get smart about growing your network. In an era where the real estate landscape can feel increasing hard to disrupt, online brokerages are rising to the top and individual agents often feel like the odds are stacked above them.

But technology can balance the scales — and help agents grow an authentic network in the process.

“Local” is becoming global.

The most successful agents have a whole new perspective on the meaning of ‘community.’ Your zip code is no longer the limit on your list of clients; there are potential buyers and sellers all over the world. But in an industry that is taking on a more global focus every day, how can agents keep pace?

Raven makes it simple to build your community.

Raven is a CRM designed for agents by agents. We’ve all created careers in real estate — and we used that experience to create the tool we wish we had. Our goal was to create a platform that helps great agents become even better agents. And we do that through a web and mobile interface that is:

  • Intuitive. Not a tech expert? No problem. Raven is designed to be accessible and easy-to-use. Even if this is the first time you’re integrating technology into your real estate strategy, you’re in good hands.
  • Efficient: Technology should help you do your job better and more efficiently. Raven gives you all the tools you need to be a successful agent — without all the trial and error.
  • Customizable: The platform integrates with other services (like Zillow Leads) so you have all the resources you need in one central location.
    • Growth-focused: Our goal is to help agents convert more leads. That’s why we pair every user with a dedicated account manager, who will help you track your goals and implement best practices to ensure success.
  • Automatic lead enrichment through MLS and Tax Data sources: Gone are the days of manual entry. With our platform, all an agent needs to do is enter the address of the listing; Raven then imports all available data for that property. We also automatically sync the MLS status of each property, so agents don’t have to cross-check the MLS to verify.

Raven lets you manage and grow your business through one simple-to-use mobile application. It doesn’t require a laborious orientation process; instead, it lets you hit the ground running. We operate on a connect, consult, convert mantra. When you connect with other agents and consult one another to access shared wisdom, you can do your job better — and convert those leads into sales.  

The Raven network is your network.

Technology can make the world feel bigger. The curve is especially steep for agents, who are in competition with online brokerages that have a truly global definition of “community.”

But Raven seeks to return power to the professional real estate agents. And with the right technology, you can grow your network, build your business, and separate yourself from the competition. Raven creates a robust community that cultivates:

  • Buyer and seller matching: Our matching algorithm predicts “best fit matches” between agents, buyers, and sellers. Powered by machine learning, the algorithm drastically improves the potential for successful connections.
  • Agent-to-agent networking: The Raven network is the industry’s largest yet, and the easy-to-use platform enables agents to instantly communicate with one another to collaborate on potential deals.
  • Agent-to-agent lead referrals: Our national agent network makes it simpler than ever to refer your clients to reputable agents. And with nationwide coverage, you can continue to deliver top-level service to your clients no matter where they’re located.
  • Off-market listings: Harnessing the collaborative power of agents across the nation, Raven has the largest inventory of off-market listings in the industry. Using this inventory, your buyers can tap into active listings in the MLS and potential off-market deals within the Raven network.

Your business is only as strong as your network. With Raven, you have a robust support community, an ever-growing network, and the tools you need to succeed. Expand your reach: Try a demo of Raven today.

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