Buyer & Seller matchmaking,
for Real Estate Agents

Use our FREE app to securely share your needs, wants & plugs with other agents. Receive matches on active and excluded listings for your buyers. See what the actual buyer demand is for your seller leads and convert more of them into listings.

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Focus Your Energy on Closing More Deals

Match in-market buyers & sellers within the network of agents in real-time.

Agent Collaboration

Agent Collaboration Made Easy

Share your needs, wants and plugs with other agents within your brokerage and beyond. Connect and collaborate with any agent who has matching buyers and sellers.

Matches for Buyers & Sellers

Manage on the Go

It’s simple, fast and easy… the buyers tab shows all the matches for your buyers and the sellers tab shows all the matches for your sellers. Matches are unlimited.

Mobile Push Notifications

Stay Up-to-Date

While you’re focused on high-value time activities, we’ll keep you posted with mobile push notifications when a new match is found and on important match status updates.

Direct Agent & Buyer Feedback

Leverage Buyer Demand

Leverage buyer demand to accurately determine the price of listings based on direct agent & buyer feedback.

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Control Your Listing Data

Control Your Listing Data

When it comes to excluded listings, the listing agent is in complete control of which buyers agents get to see the listing.

Mobile & Web Applications

Access Raven Anywhere

Update your buyers and sellers on both web and mobile applications.

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Collaborate with Other Agents

Collaborate With Other Agents

Collaborate with co-agents on your buyers and sellers in real-time. Add any agent within the network to a buyer or seller that you are working on.

Active Listing Syndication

Active Listing Syndication

After your MLS membership is verified, we populate your account with all of your active MLS listings and automatically share them with agents who have matching buyers.

Focus on Activities That Matter

Easily share and collaborate on office exclusive or active MLS listings with your clients in real-time.

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