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While you’re busy running your business, we manage your financials to maximize profitability.

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Finance done for you

We help reduce your expenses and maximize profits by building an integrated financial model, manage bookkeeping, conduct weekly accounting, and more. We build and manage a customized system to capture transactional data from every business application you use and transform it into a compelling an actionable set of views.

How it Works

We use data from the company’s hosted business applications to monitor the key business processes:

  • Marketing Pipeline: From web traffic to Marketing Qualified Leads
  • Sales Pipeline: From Sales Qualified Leads to Deals Closed
  • Receivables Roll Forward: From Invoices Created, Collected and rolling AR balance.
  • Simple Cash-based P&L & Cash Balance: From Cash Collections, through payroll and major vendor payments to rolling cash balance.
  • Delivery Pipeline: From units received to units delivered and rolling inventory balance or service backlog.
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The Process is Simple

Simply add us to each of your business applications. We silently pull, transform and organize your data in a data warehouse in Google BigQuery. We integrate the data from all your systems into a simple to read one page view from across the business.

To get started we give you a gift

To get to know you and your business we start by getting access to your Quickbooks and building an Integrated Financial Model as a gift, with no obligation.

Certain features are subject to local rules and regulations. Contact us to check availability in your area.

We can grow your business.

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